Spartan Running Club

Spartan Running Club

Welcome to the Home Site of the Spartan Running Club.

Please see the tabs above and click the appropriate season.

SRC currently has a Spring Track (April – June) and a Fall Cross Country (Sept – Oct) season.  Information about each can be found under the respective tabs.


You are welcome to contact the following for questions:

                              Boyd Janto 262-483-2105 and 


 Spartan Running Club Mission Statement

To provide middle school boys and girls, who will be future WB West Spartans, the opportunity to identify with his or her athletic potential by developing their endurance base, teaching them about the sports of track & cross country, and offering several opportunities to compete in fun competitions; all while training in close proximity to the current WBW Track & CC Teams.

Club Objectives

To foster strong minds and bodies.

To create and maintain a safe and enjoyable training environment.

To encourage positive mental attitudes and respect amongst all club members and coaches.

To teach every athlete the value of teamwork, discipline, dedication, and sportsmanship.  Demonstrating these skills will yield athletic success, as well as the character to succeed in other aspects of life.

To support the concept that ALL club members deserve and require competent and meaningful coaching, which takes into account individual strengths and weaknesses.

To offer several opportunities for club members to compete in fun track & cross country competitions.

“Talent is a Gift.  Character is a Choice.”


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