How to Pack for a CC Race

ccmudImportant Reminder: Please make sure that you are prepared for all types of weather. It is not uncommon to experience a variety of conditions all in one cross country meet: rain, sun, warm, cold, hurricane, drought, blizzard, flood, etc… You will want to be warm, dry, and comfortable before and after races.

Be prepared!

  1. Gym bag, duffel bag, or other large bag that will hold the following stuff…
  2. Uniform!
  3. Under Armor or similar agreed upon cold weather gear to be warn under the uniform, including tights, hats, gloves.
  4. Sweat pants and sweat shirt to wear while warming up.
  5. Winter coat, etc. for days below 50 degrees.
  6. Rain gear (when there is a chance of rain).
  7. Umbrella (for sun and rain).
  8. Extra t-shirts, etc. to help stay warm prior to the race.
  9. Watch!
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Running (training) shoes (wear a pair of non-running shoes to the meet).
  12. 2-3 pairs of socks (one for after the race).
  13. A bath size towel to dry off in case of rain.
  14. Racing spikes or flats (to be put on just prior to race start).
  15. 1 large plastic bag (for wet, sweaty, dirty clothes after the meet).
  16. Water bottle (before race).
  17. Gatorade or similar (after race).
  18. Book, magazine, etc.
  19. Food for after the race.
  20. Clothes for after the race.

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